About me and my city !!!!!

About me :

Hey, my name's saad, im 15, i study in groupe scolaire le détroit in tangier.
i'm from Casablanca, i spend 13 years in Casablanca, and at 2015 i moved to tangier because my mom got married, and her husband is from tangier so that's why. I also have origins from saudia arabia.
In my free time i do sport, three times a week i go to the gym, my dream is to become like zyzz, his real name's aziz shavershian, he's australian. In my school there isn't some people who likes fitness and body building. In my opinion it's not a sport, t's a life style because when you do body building you have to be regular, fit, motivated, eat healthy, not mc donald's or kfc haha.
I have some dreams, and one of them is to travel in the US, california, especially  L.A. Big buildings, fancy cars, famous people. My favorite style of music is rap. French rap or US, i prefer US rap because there is some famous rappers like kanye west, kurupt, 50 cent.
So i thinks i told you far i'm concerned hh.

About my city :

Casablanca. In my view, living in Casablanca is great. we have the all that we need in a city: tramways, shopping centers, hotels, nightclubs, schools, hospitals, banks etc...
When you're teenager and you live in Casablanca, it's impossible to be bored, you can go away with your friends in starbucks or Morroco mall or the bowling. Or if you're interested by art or history you can visit museums. In Casablanca, there is nearly all the nationalities, all the culture, it's the first city in Morroco, it is the biggest one. There is beautiful views when you actually go to tamaris or sidi rahal.
Morroco mall is the biggest shopping center in africa, there are all the brand, electrinic shops, some restaurants, anyway there is all we can expect in a mall.

What i want to change on it :

 If i can change somethings in Casablanca, i'll start by decreasing trafic jams, because it's a big problem, increasing the security: Casablanca has the reputation of the most dangerous city in Morroco. The police can't settle this because it's difficult for them to catch all of the thieves or criminals. There is just this two problems, but the rest it's good, hum i think it's good. but otherwise nothing else. To me living in Casablanca is just perfect !

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  1. Hi Saad, my name is Morgan and I am 15 as well. We share a lot of common interest like rap music and sports. What sports do you participate in? I like how you want to go to L.A. I have been there before when I was little, and it was amazing. All the tall buildings and all the stores you can find were there. The beaches were also really pretty, and the sun sets were even prettier. Where I live, there isn't really much popular stores, however there is tons of places to go to have amazing sights of the ocean, and the tall Redwoods. How big is Casablanca? What is your favorite subject in school? I can't wait to learn more about you, if you want more about me visit my blog at, http://morganmelendy25.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Morgan, indeed I do body building for the pleasure, to be fit too, i have some goals so that's my motivation.
    Casablanca is big, bigger than other Moroccan cities, we cannot compare it with the american big cities, well that's nothing compared to NY or LA so hh. My favorite subject in school is economic and social sciences, i like the teacher, the subject because it handles the subjects of our professional life or our normal life. I take some pleasure to study it. And you what's your favorite subject and what sport do you practice? A day you have to come in Tangier or Casablanca ;) if you want to know more about me and my life you can add me in snapchat: slahlou so good evening.


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