My favorite type of music

In my free time, i like to listen to music especially Rap Music.
Rap music has an history, it knew several periods, the old school and the new school.
I spend my time to discover new old artist for the 80's or 90's for the US Rap because everyone know that US Rap is the best. 
The 1990s, rap matured from an old school style which was based o­n relatively simple lyrics to a new-school-style, which was louder and included more complex lyrics. Artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac ruled the charts during this time, as did Eminem o­ne of the most popular white rappers of all time.
My favorite US rap artist are :
- The Game 
- Eminem
- Tupac
- N.W.A
- Ice Cube
- Kurupt
- Mobb Deep
- A$AP Rocky
- Jim Jones
- DJ Khaled
- Young Thug
- Future
- Desiigner
- Rob $tone
- J. Cole
I like also french Rap Music but in my opinion there a lot of explicit content that US Rap, French Rappers try to be a Gangsta so it's too disturbing but if you want to listen some french Rap, All my friend said that i know how to pick the best french Rap Music, so you can listen to:
- Booba : Salside, DKR
- Mister You : Hasta la Muerte, Oeil pour Oeil, Dame de coeur
- Lacrim : Gustavo Gaviria, Sablier
- Gradur : Rosa
 I hoped that you will love my article concerning my favorite music type so enjoy if you listen to all this artists.

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  1. Hey Saad, many of these rappers are extremely common in Humboldt County. Almost all of my friends like to listen to J. Cole, Rob $tone, and more of the rappers listed. I agree that some rappers try to hard and end up looking kind of odd. I would listen some of the French rappers, but I don't think I would be able to understand. What would be your overall favorite song?

    1. What about Chance the Rapper?

    2. my overall favorite song is it wasn't me of Shaggy and Ricardo Ducent, my uncle showed me this music there's i think 7 years, it's an older one so i think old songs are better that the newest one, and you what is your overall favorite song ?

  2. Hey Saad, a lot of people around here listen to what you listen, they are very popular. I listen to some of the people you listen too, like DJ Khaled, Desiigner, J. Cole, Rob $tone, Eminem, and a little bit of NWA. How popular is U.S. rap where you live? I will definitely listen to some French rap, because I am interested in what it will sound like, and how it will compare to U.S. rap. Is there any other types of music that you like to listen to? Also, if you want to see my music interest, come visir my blog.

    1. A lot of young people in Tangier listen to US Rap but in my real city Casablanca all the people listen to US Rap, i like a little bit RN'B or Pop music new justin bieber pitbull ... tell me what is your favorite song to make me listen to it ^^ ?

  3. Hey Saad, I'm Carolina and I really like the fact that you like this kind of music. For me personally, I aggree with what you were saying about how 90's rap matured. Some of the rappers you said I agree with!

    1. It's great to listen this from an american person because here in morroco Rap is matured, the rapper talks about society problem and their problem, their way of life so i think it's interesting but personally i don't like Morrocan Rap hh.


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